Friday, April 27, 2012


  • we have baked (granola, cookies, garlic bread, and more granola)
  • we have had fun playdates with fun friends
  • we have cleaned the house
  • we have let the house get messy again, and then cleaned it again, and then....
  • we have rearranged the furniture (inspired by a dream I had!) 
  • we have revised the budget and adopted the cash envelope system
  • we have made homemade yogurt, chicken stock, and tortillas. and whole wheat bread that rose like a brick
  • we have sewn up lots of baby pants
  • we have almost completed a new quilt top (a Christmas present for someone! am I on the ball or what?!)
  • we have seen and killed three house centipedes recently {shudder}
  • we have had two dates in two weeks (go us! we're usually not that good) one was an at-home Q&A session followed by a movie, the other was dinner out at a hibachi grill - so yummy!
  • we have had lots of early mornings, and consequently some early evenings
  • we have found a perfect playmate for Snick - they are new best buds!
  • we have tried out almost every possible thomas the train name for the baby - the only one still in the running is henry. percy was vetoed early on.
  • we have found the hypnobirthing cds! (they were hiding behind the couch)
  • we have put taco salad in the permanent menu rotation because we can't get enough of it
  • we have watched an inordinate amount of netflix
  • we are growing (me - out, Snick - up)
  • we have snuggled
  • we have hugged
  • we have danced
  • we have blown bubbles
  • we have played baseball and soccer
  • we have gone for long walks (like four hour long walks!)
  • we have played at the playground
  • we have started swimming lessons
  • we have been feeling the baby kick and squirm
  • we have read books - Cows to the Rescue! is a new favorite
  • we are gearing up to learn how to read - Snick has more and more interest every day
          what have you been up to lately?


Sarah said...

Wow, you have been busy! You must be into your nesting phase. :) I certainly do NOT have any Christmas presents done! Way to go!

Sarah said...
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