who's who

M, the Daddy, the Husband - He is a kind, fun-loving, involved husband and father, and we all love him! He likes politics, collecting copies of the Book of Mormon in different languages, and camping.

Me - the Mom - I like sewing, eating (the cooking and cleaning up parts, less so), and laughing at with my child. I can't help it - he's just so funny!

Snick - he will tell you he's almost 4 - We called him Snickerdoodle before he was born, and for the purposes of this blog, that's his name! He's happy, loving, smart and hilarious. He likes soccer, pirates, and anything with wheels. And Netflix. He LOVES Netflix!

Fleep - ETA: late August 2012 - Snick gave the name Fleep to his younger sibling before we knew if it was a boy or a girl. We've since learned that it's a boy, kicking around in there! Don't worry - Fleep will not be his real name - but it might stick around for the blog.

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