Saturday, May 19, 2012

six years

I woke up early this morning (as I often do lately) and wondered, "Was it six years ago today or tomorrow?" I had to get up and consult my journal - the white one with red and pink hearts that I serendipitously started the day I met my husband, and even more serendipitously filled up the day we got engaged. When I found the right entry, sure enough, it was six years ago today that he first held my hand.

We'd been on two dates and seen each other a handful of other times up to that point. At the time, I would have said it was far too early to know what the future would hold. But in retrospect, knowing what we know now, when I read those words I wrote so long ago, I think I already knew he was the one.

I mean who else could make me laugh so hard I'd inhale my gum and then still like me when I coughed it back up?! True story.

After our second date, during which we drove around the entire DC Beltway, he thought he'd blown it. He thought that was a pretty lame thing to do with a date, and that I'd probably never want to go out again. I, on the other hand, had had such a great time, just talking and laughing with him, that I hadn't even noticed that his car had no muffler.

So when we saw each other a few nights later at a church activity, I think he was pleasantly surprised when I suggested that we leave, and go find that park that we'd been trying to find while driving around the Beltway. Off we went, me driving, and him navigating, and after another little detour, we found the spot - Gravelly Point just north of Reagan National Airport.

As we walked along in the dark, I could tell by his unusual method of walking and arm-swinging that he wanted to hold my hand, and I didn't make it too hard for him. When he took my hand, a sense of excitement and comfort washed over me, mixed with only a touch of that "AAAH! Try to act natural!" feeling. I had never felt so comfortable with anyone before, and that's how I should have known he was the one for me. 


it's just lisa said...

<3 love it!

Michelle said...

6 years ago?! That is awesome! I think that is when Jeff and I held hands for the first time too! Anyway, I loved the post! It was fun to read about you two and your dating experiences! Happy "6 year holding hands" anniversary! :)

Angie said...

Wow, what a cute post! It made me want to dig out my journal I was keeping when I met Todd. I remember when we received your wedding announcement in the mail. Todd and I were so happy for "Macey's Matt." Looks to me like it was a great match! Congrats.

Heather Teuscher said...

So sweet! I remember hearing about it and being so excited about how happy you were... Wonder if I can search out those emails.

Twinkies said...

Awww that's so cute. You must be really good at writing in your journal. How fun to look back at those times.