Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fleep is going to be a...

Another boy! So fun!. And now I feel justified in saving so much baby stuff from Snick's babyhood!

On Tuesday, we went to our ultrasound appointment (40 ounces of lemon water and all). This is a random sidenote, but I find it funny that the "What to Expect" type books make such a big deal out of not laying flat on your back, and then the ultrasound tech has you lay that way for such a long time. Guess I shouldn't stress if I wake up and find myself on my back! Anyway, I dropped Snick off at a friend's house and then met the hubs at the imaging place. He is an awesome ultrasound reader, and had figured out it was a boy before the tech got a clear image of it. I didn't know what she was going for at that point, so I was clueless until it was staring me in the face. 

Other things of note... Fleep is a mover! It was fun to see him wiggling all around. All his measurements were perfect, and he's actually measuring a few days ahead. At one of his early ultrasounds, he was measuring a day or so behind, so I guess he's had a growth spurt since then. Not that it matters, since he'll come when he's ready, but interesting to note. They estimate that he weighs 12 ounces. I remember them telling me that Snick weighed 8 ounces at the 20 week ultrasound, but there must be a wide margin of error on these kinds of estimates. Either way, isn't it so annoying how small a percentage of baby weight is actually baby?

The appointment ended uneventfully, and then we were off to pick up a cute little outfit to show Snick. We chose this "Little Brother" number, along with a sleeper that has fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, and helicopters. We thought Snick would really like that one!

We picked up Snick and brought him home to have a cupcake, which I had baked earlier in the day - a few blue and a few pink, so we were set either way. I told him it was a clue about whether the baby is a boy or a girl, but he didn't get the connection. All he could think was CUPCAKE! CUPCAKE! CUPCAKE! If you can picture the way a mulcher devours a tree, you've got a pretty good visual on how Snick eats a cupcake. He pushes with his palm, and chomps until the entire thing is in his mouth - except for the fourteen thousand crumbs that are on the floor! Below is a relatively clean picture - before things got messy!

Anyway, after a lot of prompting, he guessed that it was a boy, at which point he said, "But I wanted a sister!" I don't think he'd really thought through what a brother or a sister would really be like, but he had it in his head that we should even the score in our family and have two boys and two girls, and a sister would do just that. He's a funny boy. We called our families, and let Snick do the announcing (which he sometimes did correctly) and then went out to dinner to celebrate!

Two last pictures to round out the post. On the left, this is the face I get when I tell him to smile! So funny! On the right, lovely portrait of me and the baby, courtesy of Snick.


Sarah said...

What a funny little boy! I love it! Especially your description of him eating cupcakes. You look awesome, Karey, even if the baby in there is still only 12 oz! And congrats on another BOY!!! I am so excited for you guys! I think big brother and little brother will be good friends. I'm so glad my first two were boys. It gets more and more fun, watching them play together.

Helen said...

Congratulations! Fleep is getting so big I can hardly recognize him.

Michelle said...

YAY! I'm so exited for you! Congratulations to you and your family! Miss you guys!