Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Brother/Little Brother

I sewed up a pair of big brother/little brother PJ pants tonight, and I couldn't wait to see if they fit Snick, so I went into his room, manhandled his little sleeping body into those pants, and then, because I couldn't help myself, turned the light on and took pictures! What is wrong with me? Lucky for me, he slept through the whole ordeal and is wearing those new PJ pants, which should be a fun surprise in the morning!

Snick continues to be obsessed with the baby, whose name has evolved into Squishy Baby (always accompanied by a pinch to my tummy). The baby is never far from his thoughts. The other night, Daddy was reading a book to Snick, and at the end, he said, "I like that book." Snick replied, "I like the baby." This morning, as we were headed home from a walk to the park, we ran into a friend who has a brand new baby. After we talked for a few minutes, we parted ways, and Snick said, "That was a really cute little brother. But we have an even cuter little brother!!" Yes, even though we've never seen him, I can safely say that we will think he's cuter, because that's just the way it works! 

Snick has a pretend window on my tummy that he can look into to see what the baby is doing at any given moment (sleeping, swimming, and blowing bubbles are the baby's preferred activities, it seems), and sometimes, Snick pretends to take the baby out to show him something, and then he pretends to put him right back where he came from. 

When Snick is upset, he often wants the baby to comfort him. I'll give him a hug, and he'll yell, "NO! The Baby!" The other night, Snick woke up just before we turned in for the night, and I knelt down beside his bed to give him a hug. He told me he wanted the baby, so I stood up, and he hugged and kissed my tummy. Then he happily laid down, saying, "The baby needed a kiss," and went right back to sleep. 

Such a funny kid! 

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Marc and Miriam Deru said...

What a funny boy! I love how real the baby is to him already. If he's this protective and hilarious now, what will it be like when there's actually a baby?? Oh I love his stories. And good work on those pajama pants! I might just want to copy you.