Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference Weekend

Oh, Snickerdoodle, my Snickerdoodle. What a funny boy you are. When I tried to take a picture of him in this football player outfit, he did a little dance for me.

We spent General Conference weekend at my parents' house and had a grand ol' time. Except for Snick, who emphatically declared after one too many sessions, "I hate General Conference!" I know someday he'll grow to love it, as the rest of us have. Between the time spent entertaining Snick and the couches at my parents' house that are WAY too comfortable and sleep inducing, I need to rewatch Conference to review and make some goals for changes I should make in the next few months.

Snick took over the camera and documented the important stuff at Grandma's house, and I thought these were kind of fun. I omitted multiple shots of the rug and the entertainment center. :)

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merathon said...

i couldn't help but notice the Jumpin' Monkeys game, which is also a favorite at our house! :) how fun to spend conference with family-- my parents and melayna, milan, & rachael all came over to our house and we loved it!