Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Resident Pirate

*Since I keep slipping and writing our son's name, I think he needs a blog name! We were talking about names last week and telling him about the story of the name he almost received, and the name we called him while I was pregnant with him, and he loved it so much he said he still wants to be called Snickerdoodle! So I guess we'll audition that one. Maybe I'll just call him Snick for short.*

Last weekend, we had an important event. Snick was invited to his first friend birthday party, and it was awesome. My friend who threw it is my party planning hero! I'm totally a playdate + cupcakes kind of mom, when it comes to birthday parties, but this was awesome!

It was pirate themed, and the boys received hats, patches, earrings, telescopes, compasses, hooks, treasure maps, treasure chests, and sword (very intelligently handed out on the way out the door!). Snick is now completely obsessed with being a pirate.

Since the party, we've watched Pirates of Penzance and the VeggieTales' movie The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything multiple times. And it was really disappointing to him that he couldn't wear a patch and an earring to church on Sunday!

What a cute pirate!


Lara said...

Snick is the dang cutest pirate I've ever seen! I especially love the hook!

The YOYO Lady said...

The hook was the cutest idea! Just aluminum foil poked through a hole in the bottom of a paper cup. So easy, and so fun.

K said...

I agree with Lara. Snickerdoodle is the cutest pirate of all time! I smile just seeing his "mean" pirate face.