Monday, March 26, 2012

cherry blossom madness

A friend of mine recently suggested a new cherry blossom destination - a neighborhood of beautiful homes where the streets are lined with ornamental cherry trees. It was a nice change of pace from downtown - no worries about parking or crowds (although there were a lot of people there!) - so I made arrangements with our favorite local baby cousin and her mommy to meet up there.

 We started off at the playground where they had a little "firetruck" which our little fireman insisted upon driving. 

Then he became a photographer, and snapped this shot of his sweet cousin. I love how she looks even chubbier from his vantage point!

 All the streets looked like this one.

For some reason, he brought a bucket, and started collecting petals - which looked like snow falling down, according to him.

 We gave a few of the branches a good shake to accelerate the collecting process.

 After a while, we found a little stream/drainage ditch where kids were playing, and that looked pretty appealing.

 He loves his baby cousin!

 Climbing up the steep bank.

And finally, dipping in his toes was just not enough, so he just jumped right in. The water was up to his thighs, and I was so glad I had thought to bring a change of clothes! :)

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Kim said...

I love these! You can take it back about not being sure how to capture cherry blossoms, that first picture is so good! Thanks for capturing our adventure; we had so much fun :)