Thursday, March 22, 2012

recent saturday adventure

One of the things about blogging again is that I feel more of an urge to do cool things with my family so I have something fun to write about, which is just a win for everyone! One Friday night, we realized we had no plans for Saturday, and after a quick google search, we found out that the National Theatre has free programs for kids on Saturday mornings. There were lots of performances that didn't really look like they were up our alley, but the one for the following day was a pirate comedy show for kids and we thought that would be fun for the little dude.

 On the way into the city - Cherry Blossoms are out!

 He was enthralled with these food trucks, and wanted to diligently study all their ice cream offerings!
 The snugglebug and me in front of the Washington Monument.

 Daddy vs. Son Races

The flags around the base of the Washington Monument.

 I love that his fingers are still chubby.

 The show - Captain No Beard - To a three year old, a show should be on a screen of some sort, so he kept asking when the show was going to start.

 Afterwards we found a little diner for lunch. We ordered pancakes and philly cheesesteaks - yummy!

Please, Mom! No more pictures!

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