Sunday, October 21, 2012

On being a mother of two (briefly)

I have to say that, hands down, the hardest thing about being a mom of two (so far) has been watching L adjust to all the changes around here.

He loves his little brother, but he's obviously having a hard time. It must be so sad to go from the-one-and-only to the-older-brother, the one who is expected to do lots of things for himself  (the baby doesn't have to do anything for himself!), the one who is supposed to help keep the baby safe (but he's secretly a little bit mad at that baby), the one who isn't supposed to need his mommy quite so much (but he does, even if he's not-so-secretly mad at her too).

He thought having a little brother would be so fun, and if you asked him right now, he'd tell you that he loves him to the moon and then to the sun and then to the stars, and then back, a hundred and thirty-nine times (that's L's favorite number right now). And it will get so much more fun as the months and years go by. But the J of today holds very little in the way of fun for L. But he keeps trying to have fun with his beloved baby brother. And I try not to scold him every time he tries.

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Breaking news: M reports that J just rolled over (tummy to back). What?! He's not even two months old!


Lara said...

We need to visit again! They're both growing up too fast!

Emily S said...

I agree, the siblings adjusting is the hardest part . . . and mommy adjusting to having to split the time again. They love the new baby, but honestly, the new baby does not make their life better for a while. But eventually!