Monday, October 22, 2012

Adventures in Family Home Evening

Rushed through dinner so we could go to the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin.
Piled in the car.
Drove to the pumpkin patch.
Found pumpkin patch closed.
Heard crying from the back seat (from both children).
Averted crisis by visiting Rita's Italian Ice.
Ordered kids' size raspberry ice with chocolate custard and rainbow sprinkles.
Paid $3.81.
Drove home.
Sang I am a Child of God.
L prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for our furniture, our books, our carpet, and our ceiling fan.
L rearranged the assignment board and told us he had a lesson for us.

"It starts with a B and an N, and there's a 6 and a 3. 4 plus 5 makes what? 6?"
Profound stuff, right there. 

M gave the real lesson, which was about Heavenly Father's pattern of calling prophets in every day and age. We're working our way through Preach My Gospel.
L got out the exercise ball, a No. 10 can of diced onions, and a dixie cup maraca (with rice inside), so we could play "band".
Sang lots of songs, while playing our "instruments".
Talked about buying a piano.
Laid J down in his crib, since he was sound asleep.
Snuggled and tickled L while singing silly songs.
Sang "Lonely" at L's request four or five times while he giggled uncontrollably.
Said "Welcome back, L! I missed you!"
Exchanged knowing glances with M, while L said, "I didn't go anywhere, Mom!" The old L was back today - Hooray!

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