Friday, August 3, 2012


We are getting ready for a new little person around here!

When Snick was a born, a friend gave us five kitchen garbage bags full of adorable baby clothes that her boys had used very, very gently. I hardly had to buy him a thing until he was two! In fact, she gave me so many clothes that we always moved up to the next size before we made it through all the outfits. I ended up giving away a lot of them, but I saved an under-the-bed sized box for each size through the baby stage. Which, really, is plenty! So the point is, we haven't had to do much shopping!

Instead, I've been clearing out junk from our house - lots of trips to goodwill! - and sewing. It's probably just because I work here at home instead of having a "real" job, like I did when I was expecting Snick, but it seems like I have been doing a lot more nesting this time around.

First, I made this cut chenille blanket. I used a tutorial from Aesthetic Nest. I made one for a new niece last fall, and I loved it so much, it was at the top of my list for our new baby. A little tedious, sewing all those straight lines, half an inch apart, and then cutting in between, but totally worth it after it's washed and dried and crinkly.

The other project I've been working on is a pieced quilt based on this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew. I really love how it turned out. I accidentally bought enough fabric (and made enough blocks) for TWO baby quilts. Anybody out there having a baby soon, and loving this color combo? I'm thinking I'll sew it up quickly before the baby comes, because who knows when I'll ever get the chance to sit down and sew again!

The embroidery on the back says, "Welcome to the world, little one * 2012".

I love that feeling of anticipation. Waiting to meet a new little person that Heavenly Father is sending to be a part of our forever family. I can't wait! Remind me of how magical this is in about six weeks when I'm dying of sleep deprivation, ok?!


Lara said...

If you run out of nesting projects at your house, feel free to come help us nest a little. :)

annalisa said...

The blankets are awesome! I love them.

Mirien said...

I love your chenille blanket! The colors are gorgeous and the "chenille" looks so soft. And cute quilt, too!

The Dahle Family said...

Wowie wow wow. love em!