Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014 Photos

We took a trip to one of our favorite places in DC - the Butterfly Pavilion at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We discovered it last winter when L was really into Monarch butterflies, and we've visited a few times. So fun to see so many beautiful species up close and personal. 

L was determined to get one to land on his finger!

But the nectar brush was a close second :)

In the next area of the museum is the Insect Zoo, where this day they had a volunteer showing everyone a tarantula named Paula.

Jack-o-Lantern! These pictures cracked me up.

Another day, we went to Gaver Farm with our wonderful cousins and had so much fun! It was a big hit with all the kids, and Jack still (5 months later) talks about going on a 'venture to the farm!

We finished off the month with a Halloween party with our homeschool co-op. Originally, I bought L a clone trooper costume, and J got a Yoda one, because that would be cute, right? Toddler Yoda? But I should have known that J would want to be exactly like his big brother! I had to return the Yoda and pick up another clone trooper. Sometimes I make costumes, but Star Wars is a little beyond my capability or interest! :)

Had to get a shot with L's best buddy!

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