Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Conference - April 2013

L did NOT announce (as he has other times), "I HATE General Conference!" So we'll call this one a success!

Spring has FINALLY sprung (I hope it's here to stay!!!). We had outside time before conference in the mornings, and in between sessions, which helped break things up for L. It has been so nice to just get out and get some sunshine! Yay for Vitamin D!

For the first time ever, I actually got my act together and had a couple of conference activities for L to do. For Family Home Evening last week, we made these charts - the pictures of the prophet and apostles with a space next to their names. L enjoyed finding the one who was currently speaking and listening for a word to write down. He's just starting to show some interest in writing. I love all the little backwards letters. 

In case you're curious, L's list reads, "Temple, Sacrament, Light, Jesus, God, Good"

Snacks are important. I "planned" - I use that word very loosely - a fun snack for each session. Here L's trying to sneak something ;)

The picture below has nothing to do with Conference, but we are growing some awesome wheat grass! 

And here's little J who napped through most of each session! He was awesome!

And here's L in his uniform his friend's Spiderman costume. I'm totally going to have to order one, so I can return this one!


Sarah said...

K, I LOVE your hair! It turned out so cute! I kind of miss my pixie...but I know Paul doesn't which is why I haven't gone back. :)
Conference sounds like it was a great success at your house! Paul and I were able to watch all the sessions, but I will admit that I did not even try to get our kids to watch with us this time.

Kevin said...

How was this 6 months ago?!